The TEFMA Board consists of nine members; President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and five Directors. A person elected Vice President commences a three-year cycle of Vice President, President Elect and President. This is designed to ensure some continuity of corporate knowledge and stability.

Ordinary Board members and Secretary/Treasurer are elected for a two-year term. The Board meets five times a year, for a one day meeting, although at times it can be two days, for example to review the Strategic Plan. Two of these meetings are held on the day before and day after the Annual Conference. The remaining three meetings are held about every three months. Two of the Board meetings are held in conjunction with Workshops.


The TEFMA Board has established the following Standing Committees to execute the strategies, achieve the goals and advance the mission of the Association as set out in the Strategic Plan: Board manages through three Committees:

  • Membership Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Information Services Committee 

Membership of each Standing Committee shall comprise:

  • Chairperson, who shall be a member of the Board,
  • Deputy Chairperson, who shall be a member of the Board.

Generally a new Board member is allocated to a committee to assist the chair, and then in the second year of their term, takes over as Chair.