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TEFMA Webinars 2017

TEFMA is pleased to present the 2017 webinar schedule to benefit members.  The 2017 schedule includes topics on grounds, energy management, environmental management and project management.

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Upcoming Webinars

  • USC Carbon Management Plan - an overview of the development process - Registration opening soon

TBC - October  2017
1:00pm – 1:40pm AEST (QLD/VIC/NSW/ACT/TAS) 
12:30pm - 1:10pm ACST (SA/NT) 
11:00am - 11:40am AWST (WA/HK) 
3:00pm - 3:40pm NZST (NZ) 
* includes Q and A 
Iona Beauly, University of the Sunshine Coast
Who should attend:
Staff working in environmental sustainability, energy management, maintenance, campus operations, and asset management will benefit from attending this webinar. 
What you will get from the presentation:
In this webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to discover and learn about the process USC undertook to develop their carbon management plan, a road map to achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. This practical case study will discuss and demonstrate the key steps and considerations required for undertaking a plan towards achieving carbon neutrality in a Tertiary education setting. 
A question and answer opportunity will be held at the end of the session.
Complimentary to all TEFMA members.  Member only webinar.
Register: Link available soon
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
  • 19 October 2017 - Australia's Largest Rooftop PV System, CSU


19 October  2017
1:00pm – 1:40pm AEST (QLD/VIC/NSW/ACT/TAS) 
12:30pm - 1:10pm ACST (SA/NT) 
11:00am - 11:40am AWST (WA/HK) 
3:00pm - 3:40pm NZST (NZ) 
* includes Q and A 
Peter Harris, Charles Sturt Univeresity

Previous Webinars:

Note: Recordings of previous webinars are available in the Member Portal

Topic - TEFMA Webinar: Building Security Capability through a Mass Casualty Simulation - Tuesday 5th September 2017

Sam Wishart, Richard Pratten, La Trobe University

In this webinar, attendees had the opportunity to discover and learn about a major critical incident simulation conducted by La Trobe University in 2015.

Topic - TEFMA Webinar: Building Management Systems – What’s Around the Corner/ Network & Data Security Webinar - Thursday 27 July 2017

Derek Brown - National Bid & Pre-Sales Manager, Buildings Business &
Peter Clissold – Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Industry Business

In this webinar, attendees heard about new emerging technologies within the Building Management space and how data from IOT devices (Internet of Things) is becoming a complementary tool in managing facilities more effectively. As with all technologies, the main priority for owners is to securely manage their data whilst allowing access for authorised users, i.e. facility managers, teachers & students. Data security of dedicated services networks are no longer just an IT Network manager’s responsibility.  

Topic - TEFMA Environmental Management - Going Carbon Neutral Webinar - Thursday 22nd June 2017

Edward Maher, Manager, CSU Green
Charles Sturt University

Attendees heard how Charles Sturt University has successfully become Australia’s first certified carbon neutral university under the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard, Carbon Neutral Program. Ed Maher  provided insights into the process of determining a tertiary education institution’s carbon footprint, carbon reduction strategies, approaches to carbon offsetting and leveraging off certified carbon neutral status to generate positive engagement outcomes.  


Topic - TEFMA HVAC Advanced Fault Detection and Diagnostics Webinar - Thursday 15th June 2017

Tom Ray - Head of Business Development, CIM Environmental Group

In this webinar, attendees had the opportunity to discover and learn about new data analytics methods to identify, diagnose and resolve precise problems in their: 

  1. Building's mechanical and software performance;
  2. Energy consumption, and 
  3. Contractor performance. 

Topic - TEFMA Delivering Results in Utility Management Webinar - Thursday 18th May 2017

Dennis Frost - Manager, Operations and Maintenance, University of the Sunshine Coast

In this webinar attendees heard how proactive utilities management at the University of the Sunshine Coast has led to significant cost savings and good sustainability practices.  Dennis Frost provided insights into energy markets; energy saving initiatives; real time energy use data; and the benefits of effective chilled water storage.

Topic - TEFMA Benchmark Survey Online Environment Webinar - 9 May 2017

Dominic Marafioti - Chair, TEFMA Information Services Committee

The annual TEFMA survey has collected valuable information on the operations of Australasian higher education institutions for 20+ years. Formerly the survey used manual data entry via an Excel format. The 2017 survey will be conducted using a new online tool for data collection, analysis and reporting, purpose-designed for TEFMA’s requirements. The webinar was used to demonstrate the new online data collection tool. 

Topic - TEFMA Grounds Webinar 2017 - 21 February 2017

The first TEFMA Webinar for 2017, the TEFMA Grounds Webinar, was held on 22 February 2017.  Thank you for attending and many thanks to presenter Mark Moeller, Landscape and Grounds Manager, The University of Sydney,