Membership Categories Overview

TEFMA provides a range of membership categories to cater for the diverse range of interest in the Tertiary Education Facilities Management sector. 

Membership Categories

Institutional/Associate Membership
Available to Tertiary Education Institutions located in the Australasian region. Member institutions can also nominate an unlimited number of non-voting Associate Members from their Institutions.

Business Partner/Associate Membership
Available to those persons, organisations, manufacturers, or suppliers of goods and services operating for profit who ascribe to the policies and purposes of TEFMA and wish to support its activities. Additional staff of the organisation can join as Associate Members.

Affiliate/Associate Membership
Available to those non profit institutions and organisations, including governmental or quasi-governmental agencies, that are engaged in work related to facilities management and interested in the purposes and activities of TEFMA. Additional staff of the organisation can join as Associate Members.

Honorary Membership
Available upon retirement, to those institutional or associate members who have had a minimum of eight years membership.

Emeritus Membership
Available to institutional or associate members who have rendered exceptional and meritorious service.

Individual Membership
Available to those persons not eligible for membership or designation in another category who are interested in the purposes of the association and wish to contribute to and benefit from its activities.

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