Annual Directors' Forum

TEFMA holds an annual Forum for its member directors and senior management personnel working in the sector (Institutional Members).  This Forum is held in a different location each year in Australasia, generally in conjunction with one of the TEFMA workshops - this year the Forum will be held online on Tuesday, 12 July 2022.

This year, registration was not open to Business Partners. Institutional members were allowed to nominate one person from their organisation to attend the forum with them.

The Forum includes:

Discussions from the board on the following topics:

  • Space Guidelines: Matt Smith - University of Tasmania

  • Strategic Plan: Trevor Humphreys – University of Western Australia

  • TEFMA community: Dominic Marafioti – University of South Australia

  • Membership: Kathleen Packer – University of Wollongong

  • TEM Conference: Glenn Mowbray – University of Canberra

  • Executive Committee: Glenn Mowbray – University of Canberra


Insights Report - Johanna Trickett, ARUP

The inaugural 2020 TEFMA Benchmark Insights publication provides contextual narrative that is based on the analysis and associated trends of Australasian Higher Educational institutional performance across calendar year 2020. The report focusses on five headline key performance indicators, being the Built Environment, Sustainability, Capital Expenditure, Operational Expenditure and Space Utilisation. This presentation will provide

the key insights from each of these topics and conclude with an outlook in relation to current and anticipated future key trends.


'Campus of the Future' Session, including:


How do you maintain student experience in a hybrid world? - Samantha Hall – Founder Campus Intuition & Spaces Alive 

This talk will cover various topics to consider in the design of the future campus, including:

  • The concept of hybrid learning and how this is playing out in institutions
  • The challenge for Australian commuter campuses vs those with high residential stock
  • The growth of staff WFH flexibility and impacts to student interaction
  • What else should be happening on campus to attract or retain students?
  • The increasing demand for informal co-working study space for watching content
  • The varied needs of UG, PGCW and HDRs


Engagement or Extinction? A thriving campus workplace - Michaela Sheahan - Senior Researcher, Hassell

Universities are changing, whether academics and professional staff like it or not. Online learning has upended scheduling, pedagogies and the student/teacher relationship. Partnerships with industry are transforming the nature of research, as well as the mobility and tenure of academics. The quiet, introspective exploration of ideas is still relevant, needed in fact, but is now expected to co-exist with an external focus on industry engagement and research agility.

All this and more was already happening slowly, until 2020. Now, universities must urgently address the demoralising effect of diminished campus activity that could, if not checked, hollow out the previously rich, diverse and stimulating workplace experiences of academia.

This session, based on recent Hassell research on Australian and international university workplaces, explores how and why campuses need to become more social, more networked, and more collaborative than they ever were before.

  • Academics’ expectations for their future workplace, and the diabolical challenge of space utilisation
  • The value of bringing industry partners onto campus
  • Learning from the transformation of the student experience over the last decade


GJK diversity strategy and successes with diversity at GJK -  Kristiana Greenwood - Director of Strategic Relationships & Advisory Board Member, GJK Facility Services

Kris Greenwood shares some of the GJK insights from their Diversity & Inclusion journey including some of the challenges and learnings from their RAP implementation and their Indigenous Engagement strategy. As well as this, Kris will share some personal insights into philanthropy experience and how the FM, property & construction industry can come together to give back to the community and empower those less fortunate than ourselves.


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