Collaborative Partnership Award

The Collaborative Partnership Award celebrates the benefits of collaboration within the sector through recognition of a Business Partner that has contributed significantly to TEFMA and its membership, resulting in mutually successful outcomes.

As well as sector recognition, the award winner will receive a uniquely designed, hand crafted trophy.  The Award will be presented at the TEFMA Awards Dinner.



Congratulations to:

2018 Collaborative Partnership Award

Schneider Electric

Assessment of applications and presentation of awards

The successful organisation will be selected by the TEFMA Board.  The judging panel will include a representatives from each of the following TEFMA committees:

  • Executive Committee;
  • Membership Services Committee;
  • Information Services Committee;
  • Education Services Committee.

Organisations will be assessed against the published criteria.  

Panel deliberations will be confidential and the judging panel's decisions are final.  No correspondence or appeal process will be entered into.

The judging panel may decide not to award if it is deemed that no organisation meets the award criteria in a given year.  

Selection of the award winner will be completed by mid-late August, to enable organisations to be notified so that they can plan travel to attend at the announcement and presentation of the award.   Awards will be presented at the TEFMA Awards Dinner at the TEM conference in the year of the applications. 


All financially current TEFMA Business Partners are eligible for this award.  

No application is required to be made.  

Collaborative Partnership Award criteria

The TEFMA Collaborative Partnership Award will be assessed against one or more of the criteria listed below:

  • Outstanding collaboration with TEFMA by a Business Partner in the year immediately preceding the award; 
  • Collaboration above and beyond the minimum requirements of a TEFMA Business Partner membership, by an active contribution to TEFMA, its members  and the sector; 
  • Significant contribution to the advancement of the sector body of knowledge through the relationship with TEFMA;
  • Development of initiatives to advance the professional development of TEFMA members;
  • Creation of new professional opportunities for TEFMA members;
  • Sustainability and the ability of the contribution to be replicated for the continued benefit of the sector.