TEFMA 2021 Board Elections

10:00am Tuesday, 1 June 2021
4:00pm Thursday, 1 July 2021

The Call for TEFMA Board Nominations will open on Tuesday, 1 June 2021 with newly elected officers taking up their positions at the Incoming Board Meeting to be held on Thursday, 14 October.  

The Call for Nominations will occur electronically via email.  To nominate, you will need to complete a Nomination Form and provide to the Returning Officer (eo@tefma.com) with the name, institution, and signature of the persons proposing and seconding your nomination.  Note: both the proposer and the seconder must be eligible Institutional Members (IM) from two different institutions.  Nominees are required to provide a brief statement in support of their nomination (maximum 250 words) and this should be included in the completed nomination form. 

Nomination Form and Position description will be sent to all assosciate and institutional members via email when the Call for Nominations opens.  

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Board Elections, please contact the TEFMA Secretariat: info@tefma.com

Contact Information

Please direct initial enquiries to: 
TEFMA Secretariat
E: info@tefma.com


The Returning Officer
E: eo@tefma.com

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