TEFMA Online AGM: 15 - 16 September 2020

The 2020 TEFMA Annual General Meeting will be held online again this year, with the voting process to be open for a period of 24 hours from 1.00pm AEST Tuesday 15  - 1.00pm AEST Wednesday 16 September.  

The Agenda was sent to IMs on 12 August.  Please email the TEFMA Secretariat (info@tefma.com) if you have not received this. 

Please note there is a special resolution proposed within this year’s Agenda, upon which you will need to vote.  

For those unfamiliar with the online process, on the morning of the AGM opening, you will you will be sent a link and invited to participate online.  This portal will remain open for a period of 24 hours.   

Proxies & Apologies
If you require someone to login by proxy, as the IM you will need to authorise this prior to the AGM.  If no one from your institution will be able to login, please advise the TEFMA Secretariat by return email and your institution will be listed as an apology.  

A reminder, that to be eligible to participate in the AGM you must be a current Financial Member.  

TEFMA Business Partners