Working with Universities and Tertiary Education
We design facilities that enhance interaction within the academic community, providing flexible and collaborative spaces to encourage learning, research and performance. We help make academic visions come to life through campus-wide master plans, the design of new education and laboratory buildings and renovations that modernise facilities. The design of 21st century academic campuses and learning environments is a pivotal opportunity to connect academic visions to a changing educational landscape.

We design and deliver more Education, Science and Technology facilities than any other firm in the world. Our consistently high performance in International Design Rankings can be attributed to our fully integrated design approach together with the rigorous analysis that strengthens our design. Our Australian offices are known and lauded for designing some of Australia’s leading Education, Science and Research facilities including the UNSW Materials Science & Engineering Building, University of Sydney LEES1 Building, and the multi award-winning Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Connecting People and Places
Our designers work with communities around the world to understand population demographics, personal values, preferences and attitudes. We use this knowledge to design inspirational places at the forefront of the future that address physical, economic and environmental factors, while promoting happiness, culture and well-being.

Data-Driven Design (D3)
D3 is an emerging methodology at HDR that connects the built environment to predictive analytics and operational design through computational design. Together, these services represent a shift in how HDR delivers design and consulting services. We are connecting traditional consulting services to the built environment, and leveraging our expertise in design, strategy, research and analytics to consistently deliver highly integrated solutions.