Benchmarking Resources

For over three decades TEFMA has encouraged its members to submit and share comparative cost and performance data for a range of facilities management services. The annual benchmark survey has become one of the FM industry's most recognised and respected examples of collaborative benchmarking, with more than 85% of member institutions submitting returns. 

Useful TEFMA benchmarking information for participating members is available below:

2022 Benchmark Reports

The 2022 Benchmark Report is now available for download.  Please note this is only available to survey participants only.  

You can access the report through the Online Reporting Tool here>>
Please note each institution has their own password for this site.  If you require your Institution's login details, please email the TEFMA Secretariat at

Please note only participating members can access these reports and must abide by the confidentiality agreement

Business Partners’ Report:
The Business Partners’ Report is provided to Business Partners, Affiliate Members and non-participating Institutional Members annually (July / August).   Members will need to have been financial members during the previous financial year to qualify. Eligible members who require a copy of the report may also contact the TEFMA Secretariat.

TEFMA 2021 Benchmark Insights Publication
In 2020, TEFMA launched an indepth benchmark analysis, an annual deep dive into the rich data collated by institutions. The report focuses on five headline key performance indicators, being the Built Environment, Sustainability, Capital Expenditure, Operational Expenditure and Space Utilisation.   For further information about the introduction of the Benchmark Insights Report, please click here

The 2020, 2021 and 2022 Benchmark Insights Publications are available to all TEFMA Members in the TEFMA Community. The development of the 2023 Benchmark Insights Publication will commence mid 2024, once the 2023 Benchmarking process is completed.

For further information on TEFMA’s benchmarking activities please contact TEFMA Secretariat at or alternatively by emailing a TEFMA Board member. 

Audit Report

Each year TEFMA engages an independent consulting firm to carry out an audit on the TEFMA Benchmark Survey results unless specified otherwise. A copy of the audit reports are available from the Secretariat upon request.

Benchmark Survey Links, Calculators, Definitions and Resources

TEFMA Benchmark Online Reporting Tool - Login Here
Please note this is password protected and available only to participating institutions

TEFMA Benchmark Data Collection Tool 
The Benchmarking for the 2023 calendar year will open on 13 March 2024. A link to the survey Collection Tool sent to the benchmark nominees at this date.
Please note this is password protected and available only to participating institutions

A webinar has been scheduled on 18 March 2024 at 12.30 AEDT for all parties involved in the data preparation, collection and reporting for the survey. Register HERE

Benchmark Calculators/Survey Resources
TEFMA has provided the following resources to assist with the completion of the benchmark survey:

  • Energy Conversions
  • Waste Conversions
  • Carbon Calculators
  • FM Overheads

Benchmark survey participants can access these documents here
The TEFMA Survey Definitions (as at April 2024) can be downloaded here.
Information on the changes to the TEFMA 2023 Survey Collection can be downloaded here.  
The 2023 Benchmark Survey Questions (Part 1) can be found here in EXCEL format


A list of Frequently Asked Questions relating specifically to the TEFMA Benchmark Survey, the process and management have been added to the TEFMA website here.  
If you have any questions or issues with the survey tools, please contact ASR on (03) 9557 4211 or 1800 068 489 or If you have any questions about the survey’s scope, definitions or rationale, please contact please contact in the first instance. 

If members have any general queries about participating in the benchmark, access or login requirements, please contact