TEFMA conducts an extensive annual benchmarking survey of its member institutions to gather comparative costs and performance data for a range of facilities management operations. The results are shared with the membership.

The annual TEFMA survey is conducted on-line in a broad range of locations, with contributing institutions across Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

The survey has developed in complexity and gained credibility during the past two decades, with its results now widely referenced as a significant source of valuable information on facilities management of higher education property portfolios. A comprehensive database exists, dating back to 1993.

TEFMA works with the Australian and New Zealand Federal Governments to develop standard metrics to measure the performance of higher education facilities. TEFMA also has strategic relationships with APPA in North America, AUDE in the United Kingdom and HEFMA in South Africa and over time aims to establish international benchmarks with these partners.

TEFMA has recently upgraded its on-line data collection capabilities and as a result benchmarking of additional facilities management activities and the addition of new participating institutions are anticipated in the future. Useful TEFMA benchmarking information for participating members is available on the Benchmarking Resources page.

Business Partners’ Report
The 2018 Business Partners’ Report is available Business Partners, Affiliate Members and non-participating Institutional Members.  Members will need to have been financial members during the 2018-2019 period to qualify. Eligible Business Partners who require a copy of the report may also contact the TEFMA Secretariat.
The 2019 reports will be available in July 2020.

For further information on TEFMA’s benchmarking activities please contact TEFMA Secretariat at

Further TEFMA Resources for participating members can be found here >>

The timeline for this year's benchmarking is as follows:

  Call for Nominees Deadline  14 February 2020
  Call for Nominees Deadline  12 March 2020
  Survey Open  24 March 2020
  Survey Close  29 May 2020
  Reports published & links sent to IMs early July 2020

*Please note timelines have been updated due to the impact of COVID-19 and university resources to complete the benchmark task.  Further reviews and extensions of the timeline noted may apply.