How do I log in?

Navigate to the top right hand corner of the menu bar and select "Member Login."  Enter your username and password when promted.

How do I get back to the website home screen?

You can navigate back to the home screen at any time by clicking on the TEFMA logo on the top left hand corner of the page.

Member Details

How do I update my address?

To change your personal address - In the left menu of My Member Portal, choose Addresses.

How do I update my phone number?

To change your name or phone number - In the left menu of My Member Portal, choose Personal Details.

How do I update my directory entry?

To update your entry in the Members Directory - choose Bio from the left menu of My Member Portal. Also note that to appear in the directory you must have a full membership and also have a valid physical address. PO Boxes will not be displayed.  Only members with a valid membership will be displayed in the Members Directory.


To update your entry in the Business Partners Directory, select Businesses in My Member Portal, click on your organisation name under Sponsor Listing and click Edit.  Note that only Business Admins of organisations with valid Business Partner memberships will be able to access this function.

How do I update my committee information?

If you are on a committee and want to edit your photo or bio - navigate to your profile from the committee page (e.g. Current TEFMA Board), to go into your profile and then click Edit.

How do I edit my log in details whilst signed in?

Navigate to Login Details in the left hand menu of the member portal.  This will let you edit your email address used to login and your password.

How do I update my interest groups?

We encourage you to browse the Special Interest Groups ( and choose the most appropriate for yourself so that will be kept up to-date with News, Events and Resources relating to that topic. Standard information can be found in the General Special Interest Group.

How do I update my Communication Preferences? (this is what newsletters and emails you will receive)

Preferences can be updated by navigating to Communication Preferences in My Member Portal.


How do I become a Member?

Please visit TEFMA's Join Us page and select the most appropriate category to find out how to become a TEFMA member.

How do I view my current membership?

Current Subscriptions in the Member Portal lets you view your current active or expired membership plans attached to you and your business. It will let you renew membership on this page as well as the home page of the Member Portal.

Please note if you are a member listed under your business’s membership, you will not be able to view this information.

Business Partners

How do I become a business partner?

Business Partner Memberships may be offered to individuals, organisations, manufacturers, or suppliers of goods and services operating for profit and ascribing to the policies of the Association and wishing to support the activities of TEFMA subject to approval by the Board. 

TEFMA Business Partner membership is available in several categories to cater for the diverse profile of companies involved in the sector. All categories are available to Australasian and international companies with interests in TEFMA and higher education property and facilities management.

Find out more about how to become a TEFMA Business Partner here

Why can't I see my business' logo on the website?

Only Business Partners who are fully subscribed and financial will appear in the Business Partner's Directory.  You must also have created a sponsor profile via the Member Portal.

To update your entry, select Businesses in My Member Portal, click on your organisation name under Sponsor Listing and click Edit.  Note that only Business Admins of organisations with valid Business Partner memberships will be able to access this function.

Ten Business Partners at a time will be displayed on a scrolling basis at the bottom of the home page of this website.  This is updated randomly each session.  Please select View All to see all Business Partner profiles.


How do I access the Benchmarking Documents?

The Benchmark Report package is available to survey participants only for download. Institutional members (and their survey nominees) will be advised of access details via email. The full suite of reports is available by contacting the Secretariat. Please note only participating members can access these reports and must abide by the confidentiality agreement.

Business Partners’ Report
The Business Partners’ Report is available Business Partners, Affiliate Members and non-participating Institutional Members.  Members will need to have been financial members during the stipulated period to qualify. Eligible Business Partners who require a copy of the report may also contact the TEFMA Secretariat.

What is the annual benchmark survey?

TEFMA conducts an extensive annual benchmarking survey of its member institutions to gather comparative costs and performance data for a range of facilities management operations. The results are shared with the participating membership, and a summary is provided to the Australian and New Zealand Federal Governments to assist in their planning and analysis activities.


Why does TEFMA undertake the annual benchmark survey?

TEFMA undertakes the annual benchmark survey to support its members in their planning and resource management activities, to ensure they are informed of sector trends and have a means of comparing service delivery models and expenditure across a range of operations; and to demonstrate value for money to their Executive and leadership teams.

Who determines what data is collected?

TEFMA works with the Austrlaian and New Zealand Federal Governments to develop standard metrics to measure the performance of higher education facilities.  Members can request additional metrics for consideration by TEFMA for inclusion in future surveys.  


How do I search for an event?

There are several ways of searching for a specific event within the system.

Various categories of events can be viewed directly through the main events menu bar.

Alternatively select Events Calendar which will display ALL listed events in the system.  You can search terms (using whole words only) and filter by interest group, event type or region using the Additional Search Options.  You can also toggle between upcoming, recommended or past events via a drop down box on the right hand side of your screen.  

More information can be found by clicking into each event.

Can I attend an event if I am not a TEFMA Member?

Anyone can purchase tickets to most TEFMA events, however significant discounts often apply for TEFMA Members.  Certain events (such as the TEFMA Directors' Forum) are restricted to certain member types.

Please refer to the event website for information on each event.

Can I purchase a ticket to an event on the TEFMA website?

Tickets to most events will be sold on the event website only.  Links to these sites will be listed on the event calendar so you will be able to access them easily.  In future, we may add functionality so that tickets for certain events can be purchased directly from the TEFMA website.

How do I find a presentation from a past event?

Presentations will often be published in the TEFMA Resource Centre after the conclusion of a workshop or event with author permission. 

Alternatively, presentations are often linked to past events.  Simply search the past event in the event calendar, click into the event page and scroll to the bottom of the page to view related resources.

Please note that presentations are only published with author permission and make take some time to be uploaded to the website and linked to certain events.

TEFMA Resources

Why can't I access a Resource?

Most resources are restricted to financial members only.  Occasionally a resource may be restricted further by member type.  Restrictions are tagged and visible above each title in the Resource Centre.

Please check that your membership is current and fully paid before contacting the TEFMA Secretariat with any issues.

Awards and Scholarships

Where can I find out when applications for TEFMA scholarships and awards close?

Key dates for important TEFMA deadlines will be uploaded into the Event Calendar on the website.  You can filter in Additional Search Options by selecting Key Dates as the event type.

Member Engagement

Can I submit a news article for publication on the TEFMA website?

Members are invited to submit articles of interest via the website.  Simply click on the Submit a News Article button on the News page.  Note that all articles will be moderated before publication on the site.

News article submissions are not available to non members and you will not be able to view this function if you are not logged in or your membership is not current.

Can I advertise a job on the TEFMA website?

Members are welcome to share positions vacant in the facilities and property fields.  To request a posting please contact the TEFMA Secretariat: 

TEFMA History & Governance

How do I become a member of the TEFMA Boards and Committees?

TEFMA Institutional Associate members are eligible to nominate for positions on the TEFMA Board.  TEFMA Nominations generally open in early April each year and close by early May.  The TEFMA Board consists of the Information Services Committee, Education Committee and Membership Committee.  Board members fill the chair and deputy chair roles, however from time to time the President may invite non-Board members to sit on committees in supporting roles.

Members interested in joining TEMC Organising Committees, Workshop Committees or ad-hoc working groups are encouraged to contact the TEFMA Secretariat.