Jasmax is a leading New Zealand architectural design practice with specialisations in Work Place Strategy and Engagement, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. For over more than 40 years we have evolved into one of Australasia’s leading design firms, supported by the strength of our professional and client relationships and defined by our collaborative design expertise.

With approximately 200 staff nationally in three offices, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, our practices are clustered into a variety of studio teams. This supports the flow of different philosophies, approaches and knowledge bases. We have a rich cross section of both people and projects. Our diversity supports cross pollination and distillation of unique experiences and creative thought.

Jasmax possesses highly experienced, talented staff and streamlined systems to handle all projects. Specialised management tools ensure the accurate and efficient flow of information throughout the design and building process to meet time and quality targets, delivering clients the service they expect. Working closely with clients and stakeholders allows us to draw out the uniqueness of each project. We work collaboratively to locate the practical needs and innovative thinking within the client to provide design solutions that exceed expectation.

Our projects and clients reflect the success of our design philosophy with success in a variety of sectors including commercial, cultural and civic, government, education and residential. Jasmax has been recognised at the New Zealand Institute of Architects Awards and the Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Awards. We are the only NZ practice to win the American Institute of Architects ‘Good Design is Good Business ‘ and we have done it twice.