Continuing Professional Development

TEFMA is excited to announce the launch of its second phase of its Continuing Professional Development program (CPD for short) with points now able to be accrued for Contribution as well as Participation.

The CPD program recognises a TEFMA member’s continuing commitment to ongoing learning. In brief there are three (3) main categories and phases of the program’s rollout:

1)      Participation – attendance at TEFMA conferences, workshops, webinars, and director’s forum, along with other TEFMA and applicable non-TEFMA events;

2)      Contribution – recognition of delivering presentations, authoring publications, conducting research, volunteering your time and expertise as part of a TEFMA committee, event organising committee, special interest group or other service to the TEFMA and its members; and

3)      Growth – completion of TEFMA short courses (under development), ATEM, and other educational offerings.

Recognition as part of the CPD program occurs in the form of a certificate, and acknowledgement as part of TEFMA’s awards process, when a member reaches 100 points. Members have a three (3) year period to achieve this.

Phase 1 and 2 now live, with Phase 3 being launched at a later date.

For Participation and Contribution, you can add your activity and log the corresponding evidence to your TEFMA Community profile yourself.

The CPD program builds on the TEFMA’s commitment to providing quality educational offerings for its members, and recognises members’ commitment to keeping up with their personal development. Points will be audited to ensure relevance to the tertiary education and/or facilities management and to the CPD program. 

To find out more about what's on this year, visit the TEFMA Events Calendar.



My Portal →
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→ Click add to CPD Diary 
→ Fill in the open fields:

·         Write the name of the CPD Activity at the top of the page
·         Enter points in the appropriate field – refer to the CPD POINT CALCULATION TABLE below to assist with calculating the CPD points for the activity
·         Enter a short description of the event
·         Attach supporting documentation (ie: registration confirmation, certificate of attendance, etc)
·         List the date the activity was completed
·         Click Save