Who We Are

TEFMA is a professional association providing services to its members, who work in diverse roles managing higher education physical infrastructure.

TEFMA supports professional excellence in higher education property and facilities management, by hosting a broad annual program of networking and professional development events and by providing its members with access to valuable sector information and networks.

TEFMA members manage some 16.4 million square metres of gross floor area, within facilities with a replacement value of some $69.8 billion (AUD) spending over $1.19 billion (AUD) annually to build, maintain and operate these assets. TEFMA’s ongoing support of its members plays an important role in the effective management of these valuable higher education resources.

TEFMA's purpose is to guide and influence the transformation of the higher education built environment into a vibrant and sustainable community. 

TEFMA’S Vision is to:

Lead sector excellence 

be the first choice of members for promoting excellence and best practice for the higher education built environment.

TEFMA’S Mission is to:

Deliver member value

TEFMA’s Mission deliver member value through the provision of insightful sector information and opportunities to network, share knowledge and collaborate within and across the sector

TEFMA Values

Integrity, quality, innovation and diversity

TEFMA will uphold its values by being:

  • CONNECTIVE; collaborating to join members with others in the sector
  • COMMITTED; to making a positive impact on sector professional standards
  • CONTRIBUTIVE; actively promoting innovation and providing a valuable member resource.