Industry Network

TEFMA maintains partnerships with other organisations with related interests, both within Australasia and internationally.  

Links to TEFMA’s strategic partners and other networks are listed below:


Strategic Partners:


APPA – Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (USA)

TEMC Partnership between TEFMA and APPA


AUDE – Association of University Directors of Estates (UK)

Strategic Partnership between TEFMA and AUDE


HEFMA – Higher Education Facility Management Association (Southern Africa)

Strategic Partnership between TEFMA and HEFMA


Industry Networks:


Universities Australia

DVC-C - Deputy Vice-Chancellors (Corporate) Universities Australia

ACTS - Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability

ATEM – Association for Tertiary Education Management

FMA – Facility Management Association Australia

CAUDIT – Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology

Strategic Partnership between TEFMA and CAUDIT

New Zealand

FMANZ – Facility Management Association New Zealand


United States

SCUP - Society for College and University Planners