Ecoglo designs and manufactures NCC compliant photoluminescent (PL) exit signs and evacuation route products to meet the requirements of BCA Vol 1 E4.8 Design and Operation of Exit Signs and EP4.1 Visibility in an Emergency.
Ecoglo products are durable, sustainable, failsafe and cost-effective.
Using a patented manufacturing process known as High Temperature Curing or HTC results in highly durable products which are warranted for 30 years indoors.
Ecoglo products are extremely sustainable. They use negligible, if any, power, no batteries, and require very little maintenance. The products are charged by absorbing ambient light, be it daylight or artificial, and in most cases are fully charged within minutes. They are failsafe, operating instantly when the power fails. At the end of their useful life the products can be readily recycled.
Ecoglo products cost a fraction of any electrical alternatives, and, unlike electrical alternatives, have minimal operating costs.
They can be seen in educational facilities, hospitals, warehouses, stores, offices and many other types of establishment throughout both Australia and New Zealand, and internationally.

Economically Feasible. Environmentally Friendly. Socially Responsible.