Roof & Building Service has been an industry leader in commercial and industrial roof repair and maintenance since 1928, providing water penetration solutions to businesses and organizations across Australia.

With established offices in both Brisbane and Sydney, we provide consultancy and remediation services Australia-wide.

Our experienced specialists are capable of overseeing all services relating to water penetration in any building or facility, with our core expertise encompassing:

Roofing repairs & maintenance
Waterproofing services
Structural concrete repair & remediation

Our services extend to detailed consultancy work, allowing us to provide comprehensive inspections and reports to aid maintenance planning and budget forecasting in facilities Australia-Wide. Consultancy services include:

Comprehensive multi-facility inspections and reports
Liaison with client Architects & Engineers
Budget forecasting & long-term proactive maintenance plans

When you engage us, you can be assured of our absolute commitment to providing exemplary outcomes specifically tailored to your building or facility. Thanks to our long-standing client relationships, we have earned a reputation for quality, expertise and reliability.

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