KIRK brings over twenty-five years of experience to bear on the complex issues raised by designing educational and cultural facilities. Projects have shaped its expertise for leading, comprehensive, and research-intensive universities involving the interrelationship between high-quality teaching and research initiatives' outcomes and findings.

KIRK has developed open and inclusive consultation processes that involve all levels of the clients' decision and user group structures in the shaping and design proposal refinement. All projects have been underpinned by a fundamental commitment to achieving a high level of sustainability and environmental performance to minimise energy consumption and best harness each project's physical and cultural context by enriching spatial experience and generating innovative designs.

Clients' generous appreciation can measure KIRK's achievements, feedback, and numerous awards, such as KIRK's unprecedented receipt in 2014 of three top-ranking national architectural awards for the Advanced Engineering Building of the University of Queensland. KIRK also won the inaugural Queensland Medallion and two named awards during the 2020 Australian Institute of Architects State Awards.