With 25 years’ experience in designing and delivering word-class facades throughout New Zealand, most conceivable challenges have been uncovered and solved by the team at Insol.
Adding to the ever present risks of Program, Fair Market Value, Probity, Quality, and Design Ownership, new challenges and initiatives have emerged which require an innovative approach to manage. These can be best summarised as:
- Decarbonisation targets driving building facade refurbishments which are uneconomic with traditional methods.
- Council compliance processes locking in product and supplier selections prior to rigorous market pricing.
- Compliance processes requiring complex design teams driving up costs as a percentage of the build.
- Increased risk of variations to the client.
- Early engagement of key subcontractors reducing innovation and opportunities.
The traditional delivery methodology of design-bid-build has been broken, and will continue to see the end-user absorbing the fallout from uninformed decision-making, the consultant-contractor blame game, programme slippage and inferior quality.
How do we solve this dilemma?
Leveraging Insol’s in-house experience and technology, the FEDAC methodology outlined here addresses these challenges and provides the level of certainty and assurance the end-user needs to progress their project with the highest level of confidence.
From building the business case through to final occupation, we are your partner in engineering future facades.