Hayball has been in the business of architecture, interior design and urban planning for nearly three decades. In that time, we have had a singular focus on potential. We see it in our clients’ ambitions and we see it in ourselves. When we design a building, we look for it in the site and we make it real.

Every site has potential. The potential to be a special place. The potential to enhance a community. Hayball realises the potential.

The most satisfying and worthy outcome of education is watching a student grow to realise their potential. It’s ultimately why humans seek to teach and learn.

Hayball is an architecture, interior design and urban design practice with nearly three decades experience in education design that is constantly seeking to realise the potential of education spaces. By exploring, interrogating, researching and evaluating design-based solutions to the challenges presented by a site, we extract the dormant force of potential and give it vitality. This in turn creates environments where students and educators can get the very best out of each other, forming fruitful, respectful relationships and striving to fulfil their own possibilities.

Hayball works across multiple domains including residential, commercial, institutional, student accommodation and aged care, and we have developed a growing body of multi award-winning work in the education sector from pre-primary through to tertiary levels. Our projects include the new Student Services Centre at the school of Land and Environments at the University of Melbourne, the new Dandenong High School, the Learning Centre at Camberwell Girls Grammar, the Early Learning Centre at Yarra Valley Grammar and the new Alkira Secondary College. We were also one of two architects chosen to develop the Building the Education Revolution school templates for the State of Victoria.

Education research is fundamental to the Hayball design process and the firm is a linkage partner in two ARC research projects with the University of Melbourne. Applying research-based design we are expert at developing comprehensive briefs that directly incorporate new pedagogic strategies into built form.