2021 TEFMA Directors' Forum

10:00am Monday, 26 July 2021
2:30pm Monday, 26 July 2021
Annual Directors' Forum

The TEFMA Board would like to extend a warm invitation to our IMs and their 2ICs to attend the 2021 TEFMA Directors' Forum.  This was due to be delivered as a hybrid event however unfortunately will now be offered as a virtual event only given the current restrictions in place.  

The forum will feature two panel sessions:  

PANEL SESSION 1: Energy -  The Big Picture
Energy and carbon reduction has grown to be a global challenge and priority. The Higher Education sector across Australia and New Zealand is one of the largest employers, influencers and leaders on exporting quality outcomes from our corner of the world, and to continue to be recognised as leaders we must consider the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and our carbon and energy positioning into the future. This session will share the vision for future global energy industries, big picture initiatives and ideas and challenge our Institutions to be bold, be brave and rethink how our institutions will impact future generations.

Panel Session 2 - Building Future Australian Success
Thinking further than 5 year strategic plans and 20 year master plans, our Institutions should today consider the political decisions and major infrastructure projects that will shape the demographic, economic and social patterns of growth for the next 50 year and beyond. Only after we grasp Federal and State Government visions of how to connect people and place across our great Southern Nations and with the world, can we work out our Institutional priorities, and turn our focus to how we capitalise on these future opportunities and best position our institutions to deliver change. Who we partner with, how we fund our growth to maximise our opportunities, and whether we allow some Institutions or campuses to merge, decline or die will be an interesting and inevitable conversation into our future. Our speakers will share insights into current national investments, future priorities and the international appetite for investment that will help our institutions to excel into the decades ahead.

In addition, the Forum will also provide an update on TEFMA, a 2021 review and beyond.  

Preliminary Agenda can be accessed in the resources below


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Bree Blackwell

Please contact us if you have any questions about the 2021 TEFMA Directors' Forum

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Date: Monday, 26 July 2021

8.00am -12.30pm AWST (WA/HK) 
9.30am -2.00pm ACST (NT / SA) 
10.00am - 2.30pm AEST (ACT/NSW/QLD/TAS/VIC)
12.00pm NZST - 4.30pm NZST (NZ)

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