TEFMA24 Conference

5:30pm Sunday, 15 September 2024
11:00pm Wednesday, 18 September 2024
83 Symonds Street
Auckland, AUCKLAND 1010
New Zealand

TEFMA’s purpose is to guide and influence the transformation of the higher education built environment into a vibrant and sustainable community.
We warmly welcome you to the TEFMA24 Annual Conference in Auckland, New Zealand from Sunday 15 September to Wednesday 18 September 2024.
TEFMA24 promises to be packed with an exciting face-to-face program that will allow members and business partners to reflect upon past accomplishments, renew friendships and extend networks.
The conference theme is The Fellowship of Ideas: Envisioning Tomorrow.

·       Fellowship conveys our sense of community, collaboration, and shared purpose. 
·       Ideas are the essence of creativity and innovation, and the building blocks of progress, change, and solutions development.
·       Envisioning awakens your imagining, conceptualising, and a forward-looking perspective that goes beyond the present. 
·       Tomorrow symbolises the future, the uncharted territory that lies ahead.

We look forward to sharing experiences and ideas. We cannot wait to see you at TEFMA24!


TEFMA Business Partners