A unified approach for an integrated solution

At ENGIE our teams take a unified approach to offer an integrated solution across building services, providing you with greater convenience and confidence.

ENGIE Services Australia is part of the global ENGIE business which employs over 150,000 people in 70+ counties. Within Australia the ENGIE Services business comprises specialist building services and energy businesses that employ over 1,200 people.

The Group is comprised of the following businesses within building services:
1. ENGIE Mechanical Services - HVAC, Refrigeration, Water Treatment (NSW)
2. ENGIE Fire Services - Inspection & Testing of Essential Services
3. ENGIE Electrical & Security - Data & Communications, Electrical, Security;
4. ENGIE Services Australia - Energy Efficiency & Engineering Solutions;
5. ENGIE Services New Zealand - HVAC, Refrigeration, Fire and Electrical.

Being able to offer a total solution offering bundled services to our clients means they benefit from ENGIE’s broad knowledge and experience. Offering a total services solution ensures single point of contact, consistency of services delivery and higher quality of work through best practice business systems.

All solutions can be bundled and managed by a single account manager, affording you synergies and efficiencies on many levels.


We offer solutions across the value chain, including design, engineering, energy- efficient asset construction, digital platforms, operations management, financing syndication and outcome assurance

• HVAC Service and Maintenance                      • Refrigeration Service & Maintenance
• Asset Lifecycle Management                           • Energy Efficiency Solutions


ENGIE tests, services and maintains fire equipment and systems. We design and install reliable and affordable fire protection systems to keep your people and property safe

• Fire Service & Maintenance                            • Fire Protection Products & Systems
• Asset Lifecycle Management