Sector expertise - Education

Cost-effective facility management provider
Demonstrated education sector expertise
Flexible models: from single service delivery to full strategic asset management

The Spotless Group is a reliable, value for money service provider of facility management services to universities, TAFEs, colleges and schools. We’ve been the preferred supplier to the education sector for more than 30 years.

Whether it is managing 200 buildings across seven campuses for the University of New South Wales, to managing a single school’s facility needs - the same high-value services and detailed contract reporting applies.

Services provided include:
Maintenance and essential services
Refurbishment and painting services
Procurement of education fixtures and fittings
Car park management
Fleet management
Real Estate including acquisition, disposal and property management
Food services (retail and residential)
Open Space Management (grounds, gardens and sporting fields)
Cleaning services
Laundry and linen services
University staff recruitment services

A single Spotless account manager allows you to focus on students whilst we concentrate on reducing your operating costs and providing exceptional support services.

You’ll also enjoy the benefits of transparent contracts with high levels of accountability and guaranteed outcomes in terms of cost, service and quality. This detailed contract reporting at a room, building, faculty and campus level provides you with real-time data on our performance so that you can see exactly what services we’ve delivered - and when.

Your assets will benefit from our education-specific facilities management tools and processes that provide detailed recommendations to you on the best way to manage your assets. Not all assets are equal, and when you’re dealing with limited budgets, you need to make every maintenance facility dollar goes as far as it can. Our tools provide you with long-term maintenance cost savings, greater control over your buildings and the right data for future facility decision making and budgeting.

Services in action
Spotless benchmarked reactive works across its portfolio and offered one client a fixed price, risk free solution for all breakdowns on this basis, assisting the client with reduced administrative effort and a known budget spread evenly throughout the year
Spotless waste management helped one institute re-stream 98 per cent of their waste to re-use and recycling programs.
An education facility saved $5 million over three years on their utility bills thanks to our expert consultancy
Our centralised purchasing and bulk purchasing of equipment, fixtures and fittings saved one university 15 per cent off their total fixture budget.
A sample of the company we keep

Edith Cowan University
University of Queensland
University of Tasmania
University of Newcastle
University of Adelaide
University of Wollongong
University of Western Australia
Charles Darwin University
Southbank Educational and Training Precinct in Queensland