TEFMA COVID-19 Webinar Series: Utilizing Space After COVID-19

12:30pm Thursday, 13 August 2020
1:30pm Thursday, 13 August 2020

TEFMA COVID-19 Webinar Series: Utilizing Space After COVID-19

At a time when we are still facing uncertainty of the future and unable to meet face to face, we are extending our current webinar calendar to cover a range of topics, COVID-19 related.  Over the coming few months TEFMA aim to continually offer webinars on the lessons learned during this pandemic and bring to light any innovative ideas that are being shown across the sector by our peers and colleagues. It is hoped this webinar series will open the conversation between all of our members (business partners and associate members) as we gear up for an eventual return to Business as Usual.   
We invite you to join us for our next instalment in this webinar series where we will discuss space utilization and building efficiency as we continue to adapt to the COVID pandemic. This webinar will be approximately 1 hour in length, which includes 2x 20 minute presentations followed by a 20 minute Q&A panel session with all the presenters.  

Presentation 1: Utilizing Wi-Fi Access Point data to estimate space utilization
Martin Loire, Product Owner - Property Services, The University of Auckland

In this webinar, attendees with have the opportunity to experience the process that the University of Auckland followed during its recent Hack Day to create a prototype using Wi-Fi Access Point data to estimate space utilization, understand plans to improve data accuracy, and eliminate/reduce recurring costs, while significantly improving the data gathering and its availability.
A real example with information gathered from the live prototype will be presented to demonstrate the data correlation between manual data gathering and digital estimation.

Presentation 2: Post COVID-19 Working from Home - New Opportunities & New Challenges  
Paul Boakes, Associate Director Customer Experience, Digital Services, The University of Auckland

18 months ago Uni of Auckland consolidated IT service teams from across all faculties and service divisions into a newly formed group, Connect.  We have been implementing Agile for 18 months and that proved valuable as we went into lockdown with COVID, it was a quick to transition to remote work.  It wasn’t without some challenges but it came with some real opportunities.  We started early to listen to our teams on the possibilities of the “New Normal” ways of work.  Our teams told us they felt empowered, more productive and trusted.  Right on time an opportunity came up for our on campus building to be used for a faculty relocation.  We see this as an awesome opportunity to combine our ways of working with a new physical space to reflect who we are, what can be achieved with innovation and risk and demonstrate that you can work for a university and be in the cool crowd. 

Presentation 3:  Optimising Building Efficiency in the new normal 
Nick Bamford, Associate Director - Building Services, AECOM

This webinar will discuss optimisation of campus and building energy efficiency under the new normal we return to as campuses re-open. When we return, whilst social distancing is still enforced, buildings would operate at low or no occupancy whilst people study/work from home in part and with limited people on campus. Operating buildings under these conditions will present a different set of challenges requiring different strategies to respond with. Under the new normal there may be spaces in buildings that are repurposed for online broadcast instead of face-to-face tutorials or learning spaces in use for only a proportion of its full occupancy capacity. How repurposed spaces can be serviced by the existing building infrastructure should be considered in conjunction with operational efficiency. Effective and efficient buildings are just as crucial in the new normal - so how can we approach this?

Strategies for discussion will include;

  • Space and timetabling considerations
  • Building system and HVAC augmentations to improve energy efficiency with reduced occupancy
  • How building occupancy may be monitored to assess utilisation and plan appropriately.

Who should attend:
Staff working in facilities and campus services, energy management, design and space planning would benefit from attending this webinar.


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Date: Thursday, 13 August 2020
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