TEFMA Webinar- April- Waterways Management at the University of Canterbury

1:00pm Tuesday, 30 April 2024
2:00pm Tuesday, 30 April 2024
Virtual - via Zoom Link
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Webinar: Waterways Management at the University of Canterbury
Date: 30 April 2024
Cost: Free for TEFMA Members 

Registration Open

Matt Morris the Sustainability Manager of University of Canterbury & Shu-Hsin Soon the Technical Director - Building Services from AECOM

Sam Wishart

Who should attend:
Everyone working in estates and property at the University.  Especially those interested in innovation, sustainability and water management. 

What you will get from the presentation:
An insight into:

  • Developing data driven digital infrastructure to support the real-time, long-term monitoring of the waterway conditions
  • Developing proactive management strategies (both waterways-specific and broader university strategies), to support the contribution of academic expertise for university and community benefit and support purposeful teaching, learning and research.

Matt Morris is part of the team who organise events, communicates pathways for change, promotes sustainability and supports a network of individuals and working groups across the University and wider community. They aim to:

  • To help people see how sustainability relates to their area of work, research, studies and their wider lives.
  • To act as a catalyst for the University in pursuing its charter intentions regarding sustainability and environmental leadership.
  • To foster a culture of people prepared to make a difference in creating socio-ecologically sustainable societies.
  • To value, support and recognise people for sustainable efforts and participation.

Registration Open


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