TEFMA Webinar- September- RU OK Day – How to be OK at work and at home

12:00pm Wednesday, 4 September 2024
1:00pm Wednesday, 4 September 2024
Virtual - via Zoom Link
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Webinar: RU OK Day – How to be OK at work and at home
Date: 4th September 2024
Cost: Free for TEFMA Members 

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Presenters: Lee Hutchinson- Practice Specialist- Lifeline Direct

Who should attend:
Anyone who is interested in looking after their own mental health as well as awareness of others.

What you will get from the presentation:
Overview of mental health and how people can regulate their emotions:

  • Looking after themselves before others
  • Mental health and how people regulate their emotions
  • Holding it together at work and at home
  • Wearing/holding masks on how people need to behave and be for others
  • Tools and tips.

OUR SPEAKER: Lee is a clinical psychologist based in Geelong. He currently works as a practice specialist and clinical supervisor at Lifeline Direct, as well as in private practice. In addition to his clinical work, Lee is involved in academia, sharing his knowledge and insights as a psychology tutor with Deakin and Monash Universities. Lee’s professional background includes stints in private practice, counselling helplines, a youth mental health service, and public mental health services. With a commitment to mental wellness and a rich background in both clinical practice and education, Lee is excited to deliver this important presentation.

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