Acquire Procurement Services is an unconventional procurement agency. Simply put, they think differently about facilities and property maintenance (FPM) supply agreements. They are all about redefining how FPM contracts are delivered to give their University clients the most effective solution, rather than just the obvious one.

They have been helping their clients, like Griffith University, to look at their FPM contracts from a fresh perspective and focus on the property and facilities department’s objectives and needs instead of just focusing on cost.

Founded in 2015, Acquire Procurement Services provides three key services.

1. On Demand Procurement Services to help Tertiary Education organisations to meet their contractual timelines by providing capable procurement resources to address acute procurement needs at a moment’s notice.
2. Procurement Consultancy Services to help clients to better understand complicated maintenance services contracts and set strategies for them.
3. Contract Management Software to give Facilities and Property Managers with clarity of what their service providers / contractor are doing and an ability to optimise the service to increase performance and reduce cost during the duration of the contract.