Current TEFMA Board

The TEFMA Board consists of ten members; President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and seven Directors. 

As of September 2020, a Governance change proposal was passed at the AGM which now means (as of 2022) the President will be elected by the membership, the President-Elect role is no longer required and the Vice-President is elected by members of the Board, given they have met the requirement of already sitting one year as a Director on the Board.  The remaining Board directors and Secretary/Treasurer are elected for a two-year term. The Board meets a minimum of five times a year (face to face) for a one-day meeting, although at times it can be two days, for example to review the Strategic Plan. Two of these meetings are held on the day before and day after the Annual Conference. The remaining three meetings are held about every three months, with online meetings held as and when necessary. Two of the Board meetings are held in conjunction with Workshops.

Committee Members