Member Recognition Awards

Member recognition awards are made by TEFMA across the following categories

This award is made by TEFMA in recognition of a significant contribution by members in support of the Association, such as membership of an editorial panel, membership of a conference or workshop organizing committee etc. Nominations can be made at any time by any member but in relation to organized TEFMA activities would normally be put forward by the Chair(s) of the TEFMA Education, Information Services or Membership Committee(s) as appropriate.

This is the premier award made by TEFMA and is designed to recognise outstanding service to the Association, often over a sustained period.  A nomination for this award can be submitted by any member of the organisation and should be received by the Secretariat by 15 June and be considered by the Board at its next Board Meeting.

Honorary Member status may be granted by the Board to any Institutional Representatives or Associate Members of the Association who upon retirement has had a minimum of eight years of membership in the Association.

Emeritus Member status may be granted by the Board to Members who have rendered exceptional and meritorious service in promoting the purposes for which the Association stands upon retirement or change of employment.

Members are able to nominate members and former members for recognition for their contribution to TEFMA. Nominations are to be seconded by a current Board Member. The Chair of the Membership Committee is to receive nominations and present recommendations to the Board.