TEFMA Clever Campus Awards

The TEFMA CLEVER CAMPUS AWARDS recognise outstanding achievements of our membership community, including institutions, teams and individuals. 

The program aims to foster innovation and best practice in the higher education property and facilities  management sector.

Whilst TEFMA has bestowed awards annually since the 1990s, 2017 saw the launch of a greatly expanded and more prestigious program, providing an opportunity for the sector to publicly acknowledge the commitment and dedication of many of those who work in higher education property and facilities management.

TEFMA’s program of ten different awards and scholarships will provide sector recognition and professional development opportunities for recipients, both within Australasia and overseas.   

Submissions for the TEFMA Clever Campus Awards Have Closed

Winners will be annouced at the TEMFA 2023 Conference

Eligibility for Awards
To be eligible to apply for TEFMA Awards and Scholarships you must comply with the following: 

  • Nominations are limited to 3 per institution.
  • Individual scholarships will normally be granted to an individual only once.
  • Candidates must be an employee of an Institutional Member of TEFMA.
  • If the candidate is not already a member of TEFMA, then the host Institutional member is to arrange for the candidate to become a member of TEFMA.
  • Candidates must be a TEFMA associate member and at a level of first line supervisory level or above, in the facilities department.
  • Scholarship applicants may be required to undertake an interview.

For more information please click on each individual Award or view the Application Form / Info Packs which are located in the Related Resources link below. 
For all other queries, please contact the TEFMA Secretariat: info@tefma.com

The Clever Campus Awards will open again in 2024, so keep an eye out for communications for the Award Submissions date. 


  1. Institution of the Year Award: No submissions received in 2022
  2. Practitioner of the Year Award: Ennis La Torre, La Trobe University
  3. Emerging Professional Award: Yemurraki Egan, University of Melbourne
  4. AECOM Innovation Award: University of Tasmania 
  5. GJK Facility Services Diversity Award: Geoff Murray, University of Canberra


  1. Maurie Pawsey Scholarship: Blair Daly, Auckland University of Technology

  2. Travel and/or Research Scholarship: Brooke Jacobson, Curtin University

  3. GJK Facilities Services Conference Scholarship: Danika Head, Southern Cross University
  4. AUDE Summer School Scholarship: Matt Lee, University of Newcastle


Please see the Event Calendar for all key dates for applicable Scholarships and Awards.
Please contact TEFMA Secretariat if you have any queries