GJK Conference Scholarship

Congratulations to: 

2022 Conference Scholarship Winner:

Danika Head, Southern Cross University

TEFMA has established a Conference Scholarship for first line supervisors and above working in facilities organisations. The intention is that the scholarship/s be awarded annually; however, this will be subject to the annual budget established by the Board, and dependent on suitable applications being received. The TEFMA Education Committee is to administer these Scholarships. This scholarship is sponsored by GJK Facilities Services. 

Applications for the 2023 TEFMA Conference Scholarship open 31 March 2023

 Please see the Event Calendar for key dates for applicable Scholarships and Awards.

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The Aim of the Scholarship is to provide an opportunity each year for a person(s) employed in facilities management with an institution which is a member of TEFMA to attend the annual TEFMA conference and where practicable, visit other Australasian institutions in the location to improve their knowledge of contemporary facilities management practices.


Applications should clearly reference the criteria provided.  Words provided are a prompt only, to assist those completing an application, but are not intended to be exhaustive.  


A.    Professional development

Applicants should describe how the Conference Scholarship will assist them in broadening their knowledge of tertiary facilities management.

Evidence of your developing professionalism within the sector should be included, and the potential for you to increase the positive impact you can make in property and/or facilities management in your institution.  Your application should demonstrate how the scholarship will benefit both you and your Institution. 

Your application should demonstrate the value you will get from attendance at the conference and visits to other higher education institutions in the area, and how this knowledge will be passed on to your organisation.


B.     Interpersonal skills development

Applications should demonstrate that the applicant is developing leadership and representation skills in their current role, and should provide examples of:

  • A workplace task or situation where you showed strong leadership, recognized as such by your peers and/or supervisor.   Describe the attributes you needed to perform this role successfully.
  • A time when you were required to show strong relationship management in a work situation.  Describe the attributes you needed to perform this role successfully.
  • A situation where you represented your Department or Institution at a senior level.   Describe the attributes you needed to perform this role successfully.


C.    TEFMA Participation

Applications should demonstrate that the applicant has a continuing interest in TEFMA and appreciates the value of participating in TEFMA activities. 

Applicants should demonstrate their knowledge of the mission and workings of TEFMA by referencing some or all of the following:

  • Active participation you may have had with TEFMA in the past.
  • Recent understanding you have developed about the activities of TEFMA.
  • Ways in which you would be interested in contributing to TEFMA in the future.  
  • Suggestions with respect to future activities that TEFMA could undertake to expand its work in the higher education property and facilities management sector.
  • Only one nomination per institution is permitted each year for each scholarship.

  • Scholarships will normally be granted to an individual only once.

  • Scholarship applicants may be required to undertake an interview.

  • Candidates must be an employee of an Institutional Member of TEFMA.

  • If the candidate is not already a member of TEFMA, then the host Institutional member is to arrange for the candidate to become a member of TEFMA.

  • Candidates must be operating at a first line supervisory position or higher in the facilities department. 

Application and Selection

Invitations to apply for the Scholarship will be circulated to all members. The invitation shall clearly indicate the closing date for receipt of applications and the address to which they are to be forwarded. Reminders should also be promulgated.

The Scholarship is to be awarded to an eligible candidate after consideration of the responses to the Selection Criteria on the Selection Criteria form.

Selection of the successful applicant/s will be determined by the TEFMA Board following receipt of a recommendation from a Panel established to review the applications. The Review Panel shall be made up of the following members:

  • Chair, Education Committee
  • Member, Education Committee
  • A Past President of TEFMA

More than one scholarship can be awarded in any calendar year.

Download the Information Pack and / or Application Form through the Releated Resources Link below

The Scholarship

The scholarship has a value of up to AUD$4,500 incl. GST towards the cost of attending the conference. The successful applicant will need support from their institution for both the time to undertake the study tour and the contribution to any costs in excess of the scholarship amount. Where the total cost of attending the conference is less than AUD$4,500 incl. GST, the scholarship will be the actual costs incurred.

The successful applicant will be required to produce a written report within 4 weeks of the Conference giving an outline of how the experience gained at the Conference and other institutions might benefit the applicant's work. The report will be published in the TEFMA newsletter.


A successful applicant is to make all necessary travel/visit arrangements. The successful applicant's institution pays for all travel costs and those other costs associated with the visit programme. The institution then forwards a copy of the claim/appropriate invoices to the TEFMA Treasurer for reimbursement of the TEFMA (Scholarship) contribution.