TEFMA & AUDE Summer School for Aspiring Estates Directors - Expression of Interest (EOI)


Congratulations to: 

2022 TEFMA & AUDE Summer School Scholarship Winner

Matt Lee, University of Newcastle


Applications open 31 March 2023

This Expression of Interest (‘EOI’) is an exciting new professional development opportunity that has been provided to us by our strategic partner AUDE whereby they are seeking Expression of Interest to assist with the delivery of the 2024 AUDE Summer School for Aspiring Estates Directors.

In 2024, AUDE will run the Summer School of Aspiring Estates Directors for the fifth time. Visit the website and watch the AUDE Summer School 2019 highlights video to find out more: www.aude.ac.uk/events/summer-school

As a joint initiative with AUDE, the TEFMA Board has great pleasure in offering its members the opportunity to attend the 2024 Summer School Programme for Aspiring Estates Directors.


The aim of the EOI is to provide one TEFMA member to assist with the delivery of the 2024 Summer School Programme for Aspiring Estates Directors. The intent of the scholarship is to provide the future leaders of the higher education property and facilities management sector with an opportunity to expand their horizons.



A.            Professional development

Applicants should include material evidencing their own developing professionalism and should describe their potential to increase the positive impact they can make in property and/or facilities management in their institution, should they be successful in winning the scholarship.

Applicants should clearly demonstrate how the scholarship will professionally benefit both themselves and their Institution. 


B.            Representation

Applications should demonstrate that the applicant is developing representation skills in a current role.

Applicants should provide recent examples where they represented their Department or Institution, at a senior level, within or external to the Institution.  

Applications may reference some or all of the following:

  • Representation attributes:  Describe your representation role requirements and the attributes needed to perform it successfully.   Describe how the attributes you displayed enabled you to represent your organisation appropriately. 
  • Knowledge:  Describe the knowledge you needed to represent your department or institution and the attributes you required to successfully convey your knowledge of the situation. 
  • Relationships:   Describe the types and roles of the other people involved in the situation, and the skills you were required display to interact with them and successfully represent your organisation.


C.            TEFMA Participation

Applications should demonstrate that the applicant has a continuing interest in TEFMA and appreciates the value of participating in TEFMA activities. 

Applicants should demonstrate their knowledge of the mission and workings of TEFMA by referencing some or all of the following:

  • Active participation you may have had with TEFMA in the past.
  • Recent understanding you have developed about the activities of TEFMA.
  • Ways in which you would be interested in contributing to TEFMA in the future.  
  • Suggestions with respect to future activities that TEFMA could undertake to expand its work in the higher education property and facilities management sector.
  • The EOI is open for applications from TEFMA members employed in the facilities department of a TEFMA member Institution who are already in an executive, senior management or an equivalent role in a related facilities management discipline.
  • The EOI would also suit more senior professionals within a niche role who wish to expand their breadth of knowledge. 
  • Only one nomination per institution is permitted for this EOI.
  • If the candidate is not already a member of TEFMA, then the host Institutional Member is to arrange for the candidate to become a member of TEFMA.
Application and Selection

Invitations to apply for the EOI will be circulated to all members. The invitation shall clearly indicate the closing date for receipt of applications and the address to which they are to be forwarded. Reminders should also be promulgated.

Applications will be judged against the published criteria.  Panel deliberations will be confidential and TEFMA’s decision is final.  No correspondence or appeal process will be entered into. The award of the Scholarship will then be referred to AUDE for final endorsement.  

The Review Panel shall be made up of the following members:

  • TEFMA President 
  • TEFMA President-Elect
  • A Past President of TEFMA

Only one EOI will be awarded in any given year and the EOI Review Panel may decide not to award if it deems that no suitable applications have been received. 


The programme runs for 4 days and a grant of ‘study’ leave or similar for at least the formal portion of the visit will be required from the applicant’s organisation.  

The successful applicant will be required to produce a comprehensive written or mixed media report of no less than 2,500 words describing their attendance at the 2024 Summer School, which will include their experience and the resulting benefits for their work and organisation.  The report will be published in a TEFMA newsletter, on the website and the scholarship winner will be required to present on their experience via TEFMA’s Webinar program and potentially at the TEM Conference.


AUDE will cover the cost of the Summer School program registration, international flights up to $5,000 value and accommodation for the period of the program (visa reimbursement).  The successful applicant’s institution will cover all other costs associated with attending the program including granting of leave for the program.  The successful applicant or their Institution is to make all necessary travel arrangements.