Past TEFMA Presidents

Year President Represented Institution
2016/2017    Steve Sullivan*  The University of Sydney
2015/2016 Colin Reiter* The University of Melbourne
2014/2015 Peter McGeorge UNSW Australia
2013/2014 Brian Yearwood Edith Cowan University
2012/2013 Nicola Collier-Jackson*   Griffith University
2011/2012 Darren McKee* RMIT University
2010/2011 Dominic Marafioti* University of South Australia
2009/2010 Matt Smith* The University of Tasmania
2008/2009 Andrew Frowd Queensland University of Technology
2007/2008 Mike Quinlan University of New England
2006/2007 Geoff Dennis* University of Queensland
2005/2006 Robert Kelly  University of New South Wales
2004/2005 Alan Egan University of Queensland
2001/2002 Andrew Frowd Queensland University of Technology
2000/2001 Robert Kelly University of New South Wales
1999/2000 Maurice Matthewson University of Auckland
1998/1999 Russell Candy University of Western Australia
1997/1998 Brian Fenn* Queensland University of Technology

* Practicing Past Presidents